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About us


We are a manufacturer of advertisements specializing mainly in the production of complex systems of outdoor advertising and visual identification. We have great output capacities thanks to large production area, all the necessary machinery and equipment, as well as highly-qualified staff. These, plus our own transport and assembly teams, make us a fully independent supplier.


We started our business activity as a small signboard manufacturer, but as the Polish advertising industry has been developing so have we. The company transformed into a unit dealing with all aspects of implementation of corporate visual identity programmes. We strongly believe that being open to the ideas of designers and at the same time meeting the customers’ demands in terms of the realisation of their programmes are crucial. We understood a long time ago that achieving the best quality of products is far more important an objective than mere production of products.


The key objective and policy of our company is the production of high quality products at competitive price. The company undertakes various investments to make sure that the product we offer possesses the features fulfilling customer’s expectations.

When entering into a co-operation with us, you can be sure that:

  • you get a high quality product in terms of workmanship and aesthetic value
  • we provide guarantee for our services
  • a competitive price never means lower quality of products
  • we ensure professional assembly, as well as continuous service and consulting


We have extensive work experience in the area of car sealer outlets, as well as in the development of programmes for manufacturing plants. Our company participates in various programmes of corporate identification defining, providing production and assembly services in Poland and Europe.


It is you who initiate the contact with companies that commission the realization of advertising campaigns and you also create their images. Our experience proves that advertising agencies frequently limit their activity to the media only, leaving the remaining elements of corporate identity to be often developed by accidental ‘persons’ who are not able to extend a certain complex vision of promotion into the remaining elements of outdoor and indoor advertisement. Our company, thanks to its great experience and technological capacity, will perfectly complete your activities.


Our production centre is located in Kluczbork and the marketing office in Hildesheim, Germany. The Kluczbork production centre is located in two shops with the area of 3800 m². Our own industrial facilities significantly lower our production costs and the big area of shops allows for introduction of a full production scope. ARA is an independent company.


We truly believe that this short introduction of our company will help you to evaluate properly our company and its possibilities.


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ARA Producent reklam reklamy typu facia, pylon, totem, kaseton podświetlany i i wszekiego typu reklamy zewnętrzne