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Display Cabinet

Display cabinet is a product designed and produced from the ground in ARA company.

It is used by many companies as a outdoor shelf for Oils and other products on Petrol Stations.

Display Cabinet can be used as:

  • Tool shelf
  • Gardening shelf
  • Display cabinet in shop centres and markets


Thanks to solid Sliding door and lock system,  Display Cabinet can be used in outdoor public areas.
Our products can be seen on Q8 and OMV petrol stations across  Europe.

We also included TOPSIGN ( special part on the top of Display Cabinet made of Polycarbonate which can be used as a Advertising Space)  


  • Side of Display Cabinet : Steel Plate
  • Back of Display Cabinet : Steel Plate
  • Sliding door system with lock


Shelf position can be customized thanks to rail system, which also provides great stability.


Standard dimensions:

  • 1150 x 700 x 950 mm
  • 1150 x 500 x 950 mm


In case of big order we are able to modify dimensions.



  • Display Cabinet can be painted in every color !



  • Our big production line can cope with every order !


We did our best to create the best quality product. We submit description for your Personal Valuation. We also hope, that presented product will apply for Your company requirements.


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